• Eliminate Roots in Sewer Lines
    Are you experiencing unexpected root related back ups? RootX is chemical root killer that's trusted by licensed plumbers all around the United States to kill roots that invade and destroy sewer pipes. A RootX treatment kills tree roots and prevents unexpected drain back ups for 12 months when applied correctly.
  • Simple, Safe and Effective
    RootX is an EPA approved foaming chemical Root killing herbicide that's safe to use and doesn't corrode your sewer pipes. A treatment is simple and takes only 15 minutes to apply down a toilet or a cleanout. RootX is an effective solution at a fraction of the price of a plumber.
  • Prevent Further Pipe Damage
    Although RootX can only be applied to a free flowing sewer line, a RootX treatment is more effective than simply cutting the roots because RootX foams to coat the sewer line so roots don’t grow back right away and further destroy your sewer pipes. Doing a yearly RootX treatment and applying it correctly can prevent you from prematurely replacing your sewer.

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Freshest Product

When you get RootX from us you get the freshest product directly from our local plumbing supply house. You don’t get old stock, you get the potent chemical that we use daily in our plumbing business to kill roots inside sewer pipes. This ensures RootX works for you the way it’s worked for thousands of others.

Unmatched Support

After 10 years helping property owners get rid of roots, we know exactly how to make RootX work for you. All our orders are shipped with step by step instructions and we even have a free 1800 number where we answer any questions you may have. We truly want to help you get the results you want.

Instant Savings

RootX cost less than the average cost of a plumber and it costs much less than repairing or replacing a sewer line. In addition, we buy RootX in bulk at a lower cost for our plumbing business and we pass on those savings directly to you. This means you pay less and save more when you buy from our online store.

Quick & Reliable Shipping

All our orders are shipped out the same day when ordered before 11AM and they’re sent out United States Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping. This ensures you have RootX on hand when you need it and are ready to apply it. For your peace of mind we’ll email you the tracking number to find out the status of your order.